Yellowknife City Councillor Niels Konge says he’s sorry for comments he made at a city committee meeting on Monday, Nov. 1.

On Nov. 2, Black Advocacy Coalition Up North (BACupNorth) posted a letter on Facebook demanding Konge publicly apologize for comparing a proposed proof-of-vaccine program with racial segregation policies.

On Nov. 3, he did so, saying he intended to make a more formal statement at the next council meeting Nov. 8.

“I want to apologize for the comparison that I made yesterday,” he wrote in a message to a Yellowknifer journalist. “It was not an appropriate comparison to make. I’m deeply sorry to the people that my words hurt and harmed. Moving forward, I commit to continuing to learn, improve, and be respectful in our discussions.”

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BACupNorth said Tuesday it was “shocked and disappointed” in Konge.

The group issued a statement that said his comments “reveal a severe lack of understanding of the issues that Black people faced and perpetuates the inequities and discrimination that Black people continue to experience today.”

BACupNorth demanded Konge give a public apology to the Black community immediately and that he “educates himself to a better understanding on the issues racialized communities face prior to making future comments.”

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  1. Sorry! Not Sorry! Too often the true colors come out and comments like this are made. These are deep rooted racial feelings coming to the surface. More than once he’s made flippant remarks and comes back to apologize with little sincerity and more comments will surface in the future!! just sayin