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Yellowknife couple raise $270 for the people of Yemen

Sold out samosas in just three hours

A Yellowknife couple has raised $270 to buy food for the people of war-ravaged Yemen, all thanks to hungry Yellowknifers.

Amélie Duval and Mazin Ahmed from Laziza Sauces decided to use their culinary skills for a global cause on Wednesday.

“With roots from and in Yemen, it’s been weighing on us that the struggle the Yemeni people are facing is not being acknowledged and alleviated to the extent it needs,” said Duval.

So they made a straightforward Facebook post: “Beef samosas available for purchase — 100 per cent of proceeds will be going towards purchasing food to distribute in Yemen.”

They sold out in less than three hours — 65 samosas in total.

“The $270 raised will be used to buy 80 kilograms of rice, 20 kilograms of sugar, and a wage to pay the orphan and homeless youth who will help deliver throughout the city of Aden, Yemen,” said Duval. “We know that to make a change starts with us, and that every little bit goes a long way to help. We decided to use our own skills as a starting place, and we’re proud to say that with the help of Yellowknifers, we were able to feed not only those that purchased samosas locally, but those who will receive the provisions bought in Yemen with the funds raised.”

Duval added that they are considering doing another batch in the near future.