YK Cupcake Queens stopped taking orders during the summer for some much needed time off with family.

But the baker-entrepreneurs will be back in business this Monday, Sept. 13.

Owner Hayley Frost has been running the business out of her home now for two years. She started “for my love of baking.”

Frost said what inspired her to create the business was “by my friend in Ontario, [Chelsey Carrigan], who has a business who has a cake baking company as well.”

Frost has been baking all her life, “but all the tips and tricks for cakes and cupcakes come from my best friend,” she said.

The best part about her business has been “connecting with the community, I get to meet a lot of people and be part of so many peoples special events,” Frost said.

“I haven’t run into any problems with my business here in Yellowknife,” she said. “Everyone is fantastic, transactions are always done very smoothly and I like to think I am very accommodating so I can deliver around town (in Yellowknife) and I always have pleasant interactions with everybody.”

During the past two years, she has been able to prefect new flavours and working with local flavours and new ones, like Saskatoon Berry.

By using her basic buttercream recipe she said she just adds in different flavours, and “you just have to keep taste-testing it to see if you over-flavoured or under-flavoured,” to get it just right.

Frost said her most popular flavour would be chocolate maple bacon or chocolate peanut butter but her favourite would be the vanilla-vanilla flavour.

She said she has no plans to expand the business, “as long as my customers keep coming back to me then I am all set, so I just want to continue offering my services.

“I’m not going to do a store front or anything, I’m out of my home, so that is about as big as I think I’m going to get.”

At her busiest time, she said she can take up to about eight orders during a weekend. But since she’s taken time away from her former full-time teaching gig, she’ll be able to bake during the week now, too.

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