Those experiencing homelessness in Yellowknife now have another option to escape the cold during the day, the Minister of Health and Social Services announced, Dec. 6.

“We see this new facility as part of a continuum of care as we work toward opening a permanent Wellness and Recovery Centre in Yellowknife in early 2024,” Minister Julie Green said.

The new shelter can accommodate up to 30 clients and was built using trailers originally used during construction of the Tłı̨chǫ All-Season Road.

Proof of vaccinnation is not required for entry, though the minister advised vaccines are available to shelter-users if they so wish.

While the final bill for the retro-fit is yet to be tallied, the health authority estimates total construction costs to come in around $250,000 with a monthly operating budget of $175,000.

The Yellowknife Arena, which had been operating as a temporary day shelter, is now no longer needed, Green said.

The Day Shelter and Sobering Centre on 50th street remains open, though still isn’t able to operate at capacity due to ongoping Covid-19 public-health restrictions.

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  1. Proof of vaccination not required? Why not?
    Also, this was a much better idea and a much better place than the old Legion.