While submissions for the Yellowknife International Film Festival have closed, Western Arctic Moving Pictures has extended the deadline for Northern Filmmakers.

Despite receiving over 400 entries from around the globe, the submission date has been extended until Sept. 12 to accommodate Northerners who still wish to have their films put into the running for a chance to be included in the festival.

“I find that every year, there’s always somebody or several films that would like to submit,” said Emerson. “We’ve just given them another chance so that we can exhibit as many Northern films as we can from the NWT, Yukon and Nunavut.”

Though the event date is still months away, WAMP is keeping their options open as public health restriction on indoor gatherings may change.

“That’s always a moving target,” said Emerson. “Things could very well change the day before we open, or during the Festival, so you never know. Last year was a virtual festival, so no in-person screenings or events, it was all online.”

“This year, we’re going to be attempting to do both [virtual and in-person],” he continued. “In-person screenings at The Capitol Theatre. At this point, they are reduced capacity, so we’ll probably be doing two screenings of each film so there’ll be less films screening in-person … the rest will be online. Just kind of covering ourselves there, if suddenly you have to cancel in-person, we’ll still have the virtual event.”

Emerson said he believes in-person viewings are an important piece of the complete film festival experience.

“I think it’s important to try, at least,” said Emerson.

“It’s one of our biggest events for WAMP, so we want to keep going through the uncertainty and bring a little bit of joy and inspiration into people’s lives.”

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