The Yellowknife Gymnastics Club is hoping to put on a Community Appreciation Day for Aug. 29.

As of Aug. 23, the Club announced on their Facebook page that the Appreciation Day has been postponed until further notice.

Jessica Smith, the recreational director and head coach at the club, wanted to throw the event as a massive thank you to the people that helped out the organization during the pandemic.

“Having to shut down and reschedule things, a lot of people ended up not getting refunds,” she said. “They kept their money in the club and just asked for a credit on their account for future registrations. Things like that.”

“We’re a ‘not for profit’ organization,” continued Smith. “We rely heavily on our members support, so they were extraordinary in doing that over the last year with everything going on. It’s [the appreciation day] one little way of saying thank you to them.”

However, Smith is also aware of the recent rise in COVID-19 cases that have been growing throughout various NWT communities, including Yellowknife.

“It’s super important that we put this event on,” said Smith. “However, timing.”

The event is expected to bring in anywhere from 300 to 400 people, according to the amount of hot dogs that will be purchased.

“We’re hoping around there,” said Smith. “We are following within the guidelines. We’re still not able to have more than 50 in our club at a time, even with the new regulations of 200 for indoor gatherings. So, we would have 45 people in the facility at one time for 45 minutes, enjoy some fun, and then they can go outside.”

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