A man and a woman are facing charges of being unlawfully in a dwelling house after a viral social media post alerted police to the pair’s behaviour.

RCMP announced they arrested two people after finding them sleeping in a house that was not theirs.

“On August 20th, 2023 the Yellowknife RCMP were made aware of a social media post that reported that a man and woman had reportedly broken into a residence and were seen walking through yards,” reads the police report by NT RCMP media relations officer Cpl. Matt Halstead. “The Yellowknife RCMP initiated an investigation and were able to identify the man seen in the post. RCMP attended the residence where the break and enter reportedly occurred and found signs of a break-in.

“RCMP officers entered and cleared the residence and located the man and woman sleeping inside the residence. Both the 30-year-old man from Yellowknife and the 23-year-old woman from Yellowknife, were arrested and are currently in custody.”

Both have been booked on evacuation flights out of the city.

Halstead stressed the break and enters were a family related issue and there is no cause for concern that looting is taking place.

“This social media post was widely shared today and has generated concern from people who have evacuated and, from essential workers who have remained behind,” said Halstead, “I want to stress that this incident involves a break and enter into the residence one of the suspect’s family members. No stolen property was located in the residence and at this time, there is no indication that these people were involved in other break-ins or looting. If people have concerns as a result of door bell or surveillance cameras, I would encourage them to contact us and we will investigate. While undoubtedly well intentioned, posts like this can cause further undue stress for people who have had to evacuate.”

Halstead added RCMP have reorganized to put more officers on patrol and are actively following up any calls related to trespassing or break and enter while the city is evacuated.

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