Several of Yellowknife’s bus stops are temporarily without seating while the city conducts repairs on the shelters.

In Friday’s Yellowknifer, columnist Walt Humphries wrote that some seniors were concerned about the removal of the benches.

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“Are some vandals stealing them?” the veteran prospector asked. “No one knows. But you would think, a vandal walking down the street carrying a metal bench under his or her arm, would be noticed by someone. Maybe it is a nefarious gang of scrap metal thieves stealing them late at night in a well orchestrated heist? And let’s not rule out aliens who may be taking them as souvenirs of the planet we call earth.”

But it was nothing so nefarious. City crews are busy repairing and replacing the benches as needed, according to a spokesperson.

“The City of Yellowknife (the City) removed benches from select bus shelters to facilitate repairs,” Alison Harrower wrote in an email. “The City will reinstall the removed benches when repairs are complete and crews available.”

It was not immediately clear how many benches had been removed, or when they would be replaced.

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