One Yellowknife thrift store is offering an even thriftier option for back to school shopping this fall — free clothes.

Ever Good Stuff has bins full of gently used kids’ clothes outside its 47-street store just waiting for someone to claim them.

Johanne Black, the co-owner of Ever Good Stuff, says folks are free to dig through the bins and take home any clothes they want at no charge.

The shop first put out the bins on Aug. 12. and saw at least 20 people looking through the freebies in the first hour, co-owner Eric Chalifoux told Yellowknifer.

Since then, “it’s been quiet,” he said.

He said the bins of free clothes are kept outside simply because there isn’t enough room for them in the shop.

Black explained they decided to offer the free clothing to shoppers because “it’s just a way of helping the community at large.”

Chalifoux and Black explained they check all donated clothing before it’s put out for shoppers, making sure items are clean and in good repair.

Chalifoux says there is no limit on how much people can take from the bins.

“They can take it all!” she said.

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  1. I often go to the shop, and it gives me such pleasure. It is not overcrowded with mechanize. I have found the gentleman who works there very helpful. One day I could not carry my purchases on my bike and he offered to drop them off on his way home that evening. I go there frequently and shirts for my husband are too high for me to reach. The fellow does not hesitate to show me every shirt by bringing it down to my eyelevel. The shop and its owners obviously work hard.
    Helene Usherwood

    Go to this business and see for yourself!

  2. His body language is not welcoming – look at his face and arms crossed – I wouldn’t want to go there with that face. He looks like he doesn’t like the business he is in – not welcoming!