A ‘Made in the North Pop Up Shop’ put several vendors’ handmade goods on display at the Copperhouse Eatery and Lounge on Saturday.

Amber Henry, one of the organizers and vendors at the event, said she and her friends have been putting on pop ups for about eight years, but specifically with the Copperhouse for the past three years.

Henry’s husband, Paul Henry, co-owner of the Copperhouse, was excited to see people come inside again and take in what the community had to offer.

“It’s nice that so many people are out supporting small vendors,” Paul said.

Amber and her colleagues were quite pleased with the results and a crowd large enough to form a line outside the door.

“The general overall feeling between our shoppers was everybody was happy to be there,” said Amber. “Everybody was excited to be out and about in there. There was a really strong appreciation for the opportunity to shop locally.”

Other vendors also sang the handmade market’s praises.

“I was grateful that Copperhouse provided me with the opportunity to showcase my art, as I take passion in my bead work. It connects me to part of my culture,” said Christa Harris, owner of C. Harris Creations. “I felt the love from other artists and customers, who complimented my work. I was supported and welcomed, especially as it was my first pop up I’ve attended since I’ve started my beaded jewelry-making.”

Tricia Morland of Taiga Blossom said, “It was wonderful to be able to exhibit again and to see the beautiful smiling eyes of everyone who supported the event.”

Kerri Nolting, owner of Kerri’s Kreations, added, “It was a lot of fun… It was a great turnout, I did very well. It was nice to see all the faces again, to see people out shopping again, supporting local.

Because of Covid-19, proof of vaccination was required at the door — with ID for validation.

“I was not 100 per cent confident, but pretty confident that we would do all right, just based on how accepting people were at the restaurant itself,” Amber Henry said.

For those who missed out, the Seventh Day Adventist Church, near the CBC building, will host a similar event on Nov. 28. In addition, the Explorer Hotel is scheduled to host a hand-made market on Nov. 20 and 21.

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