A zodiac-load of officials were invited Aug. 27 for a VIP tour of the HMCS Charlottetown, anchored in Frobisher Bay.

Samson Akeeagok, Deputy Premier David Akeeagok’s boy, checks out the Commander Nathan Decicco’s chair on the bridge.

The vessel and its navy crew, as well as army and two Canadian Rangers, Moses Iqqaqaq of Iglulik and Jay Killiktee of Clyde River, were completing this year’s Operation Nanook at the nearby air cadet camp.

Sub-lieutenant Jaidonn Freeland chats with Iqaluit visitors to the HMCS Charlottetown about his role as a diver.

Sub-lieutenant Adam Molnar explains the gear he wears to board and search a ship, which includes protective gear, handcuffs, and weapons.

Lieutenant commander Adriano Lozer explains how the crew fights fire and flood on the ship – a task that is now entirely computerized but used to be done by radio communication and grease pencils.

Lieutenant commander Adriano Lozer chats about the big 57 mm gun, which swivels and fires off the bow.

Lieutenant commander Adriano Lozer, seen here with on the flight deck, explains to city, territorial, federal and Inuit-organization officials, as well as media, what takes place on the flight deck when the helicopter is present.

Visiting Iqalungmiut depart from the HMCS Charlottetown after a morning tour Aug. 27

Petty Officer 1st Class Low says engineering drills take place every day.

Iqaluit Mayor Madeleine Redfern takes in the view from the Lieutenant commander’s chair on the bridge.

The close-in weapon system is mounted on top of the helicopter hangar HMCS Charlottetown for as a final defence –it can shoot 4000 20 mm rounds in one minute.


Michele LeTourneau

Michele LeTourneau first arrived at NNSL's headquarters in Yellowknife in1998, with a BA honours in Theatre. For four years she documented the arts across the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Following...

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