Dog-sled rides and stories from elders in iglus were part of the fun during the annual Return of the Sun Festival in Iglulik earlier this month.

Residents also gathered at the community hall for a variety of games to celebrate an end to winter’s days of complete darkness.

Joanasie Kigutak is surrounded by spectators as he participates in a string game during the Return of the Sun Festival in Iglulik on Jan. 14.
photos courtesy of Jose Quezada
Louis Tapardjuk, flanked by Natalino Piugattuk to the left, laughs as he prevails in the a game known as nugluktaq, where competitors nimbly poke a stick through a hole.
Daniel Qattalik sits and observes tulukkaujaqtuq, a game where participants put their legs through the arms of their parkas and act like ravens. Richard Amarualik won this event.
The candy toss is always a favourite event. Children get in position to make a catch or scramble to pick the treats up off the floor.
Pakkak Innuksuk helps to open the ceremonies with traditional drumming at the Iglulik community hall on Jan. 13.
Susan Avingaq lights a kudlik and sings a song bidding farewell to the darkness while Deborah Qaunaq tells stories of the past during the opening ceremony of the Return of the Sun Festival in Iglulik on Jan. 13. From left, Lavina Ivalu, Madeline Ivalu, Rhonda Uttak, Avingaq, Martha Qattalik, Qaunaq and Maniq Qattalik. Josephine Kublu and Daniel Qattalik are seen on the stage to the right.


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