Consultants will be brought in to perform an independent review of the Nunavut Housing Corporation beginning April 1, Housing Minister Patterk Netser said in the legislative assembly on Tuesday.

“I want to make sure our tenants are paying the appropriate amount of rent,” says Patterk Netser, minister responsible for the Nunavut Housing Corporation.
photo courtesy Legislative Assembly

The study is expected to be complete by spring 2021, according to Netser.

Among the issues to be analyzed will be how home-ownership programs can best suit the needs of Nunavummiut and the existing rent scale, including whether the amounts charged are acting as a deterrent to tenants seeking or accepting employment.

“I want to make sure our tenants are paying the appropriate amount of rent. For this reason, the review will examine the current rent scale system,” said Netser.

Construction costs and alternative building methods will also be scrutinized.

“I am often asked about tiny houses or modular homes. This review will examine all those options and determine the most cost-effective methods to build in Nunavut,” the minister said.

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