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Days of Christmas in Pang

Santa led the community of Pangnirtung into the merry days of Christmas with a parade Dec. 16.

"The parade started at 11 sharp, led by fire trucks, followed by RCMP and Santa. About 50 cars participated in the parade," said senior administrative officer Ron Ladd.

The parade was quickly followed by the annual hamlet-hosted Christmas dinner celebrating mayor, council and staff contributions over the year the evening of Dec. 18, during which attendees played the dice game, with prizes donated by Foxtech Arctic Services Inc.

Then came the elders' dinner, organized by health centre staff, with the help of the RCMP detachment staff, the afternoon of Dec. 19.

More festive events were planned for the coming week.













Pangnirtung's Christmas parade saw fire trucks, RCMP and Santa lead the way.
photo courtesy Ron Ladd
The Hamlet of Pangnirtung celebrates its mayor, councillors and staff each year with a Christmas dinner.
photo courtesy Ron Ladd
Attendees at the Hamlet of Pangnirtung's Christmas dinner play the ever-popular dice game.
photo courtesy Ron Ladd
Elders attend the annual Christmas dinner in their honour.
photo courtesy Ron Ladd
Each year health centre staff, along with RCMP, organize an elders dinner. Cpl. Aaron Simard, left, and Cst. Phil De Caen serve.
photo courtesy Ron Ladd