Edmonton Eskimos on defensive over name

by Derek Neary - November 18, 2017

The Edmonton Eskimos football team is once again facing demands that it change its name. Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman said publicly earlier this month that the Canadian Football League franchise, founded in 1949, should have a more “inclusive” name. Norma Dunning, a PhD candidate in Indigenous studies at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, agrees….

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2 Responses to “Edmonton Eskimos on defensive over name”

  1. I cannot see the Alaskan Eskimo’s changing the name of their famous traditional games name, see; http://www.weio.org/
    As well a comment which was on my personal facebook page which is a well known fact of where the name originated. Mrs. Dunning does not even know the orgin of the name;
    Good Day…in light of the controversy about the “Edmonton Eskimos” name…here’s a little history lesson…When the Europeans first arrived on our land, they were amazed to see that there were people living this far North. They were the ones with the writing tools. The first people they ran into were the Dene people. Began communicating and learned about them. They told them that they were looking for land…and ask for help to look for the “Northwest Passage”. So they got Dene Guides. (First meeting with Indigenous people) so the Dene got to share with them who they were. As they made their way further up North they came upon the “Inuit” (People) as we call ourselves. The Voyagers were yet still amazed at seeing more people this far North and said;”Oh…we didn’t know there were more people here.” The Dene people were the first to introduce the Inuit to them and said;”yes, those are Eskimeaux people.” Which was written down in the history books…The Inuit didn’t even get a chance to introduce themselves…this is why people call Inuit by Eskimo.