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Impaired driver jeopardizes his work at mine, judge rules

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An Arviat man who pleaded guilty to impaired driving will lose his driver's licence for one year even though it will prevent him from doing his job as a haul truck driver at a mine site, a judge has decided.

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The man's lawyer attempted to get an exception for haul trucks so his client could continue his employment at the mine. The defence counsel argued that an interpretation of the Criminal Code could allow the judge to discriminate in the types of vehicles under the driving prohibition.

Justice Susan Cooper rejected the notion.

"While in this instance the prohibition requested is restricted to 'cars and trucks,' there is nothing that would prevent further requests to have driving prohibitions apply only to cars or to a particular brand of car, etc. This is not in keeping with the intent of the legislation," Cooper wrote in her decision that was released Friday, based on the January case.

She ordered the offender to pay a $1,000 fine within six months in addition to suspending his driver's licence for one year, which are the mandatory minimums outlined in the Criminal Code in such instances.

"(His) future employment situation is not certain," Cooper acknowledged.



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