South Baffin MLA David Joanasie presented a petition from residents in Kinngait on Tuesday that requests the community’s old health centre be transformed into an Elders’ care centre.

The petition, filed in the legislative assembly, has 332 signatures.

There are “real problems” with the Elders’ facility in Clyde River that haven’t been addressed since the winter sitting of the legislative assembly, says Pauloosie Keyootak, Uqqummiut MLA.
photo courtesy of the legislative assembly

On that same day, Uqqummiut MLA Pauloosie Keyootak revisited his appeal to Housing Minister Patterk Netser to have the Elders’ facility in Clyde River fixed.

The building “has real problems” Keyootak said, reminding Netser that he’d raised the issue during the winter sitting of the legislative assembly.

“It is not very well suited to the Elders; there are too many steps, and the steps are too high,” said Keyootak, adding that some of the residents have disabilities. “Additionally, often it is not cleaned, with the residents having to do the work themselves. They are not being supported. The minister said he would deal with that.”

Netser said his Housing Corporation staff hadn’t provided him with an update on that situation.

“Whenever any of our facilities or residences need work done on them, or repairs need to be made, especially at our Elders’ residences, we make it a priority and we have the work done,” the minister said. “However, if there is an issue with the cleaning staff, this is the responsibility of the Department of
Health and I cannot respond to it or address this issue.”

Netser said he would direct his staff to check on the Elders’ facility in Clyde River and to get in contact with the local housing organization.


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  1. I think it is an excellent idea to change old health center to Elders facility , at the moment elders have to be sent to Iqaluit or Igloolik , renovations would be less expensive than a new facility , although a new elders facility is much needed . Families try their best to care for elders at home as best they can . The existing health center does have access for elders , it has a large steel ramp . This would provide jobs for people in community .