With the repair of almost 27,000 square feet of cracked concrete floors in the new Iglulik high school now complete, the building is closer to opening.

This is how the cracked floors looked at the new high school in Iglulik prior to repair.
photo courtesy of the Department of Education

The Department of Education indicated that a final inspection has yet to take place and didn’t provide a date for that milestone.

Floors were deficient in all classrooms and common areas, but not in the gymnasium, and there were no other structural issues, according to Education Minister David Joanasie.

The 33,140-square-foot facility, built with a $30-million budget, was originally scheduled to open during the fall of 2018 but that has been delayed while the lingering flooring issues were addressed by contractor FCNQ Construction, which is based in Quebec.

There are approximately 180 students in Iglulik in grades 10-12 who will attend the new school, which was built to accommodate up to 229 students, Joanasie stated. In the meantime, students and staff have continued to make use of the aging Ataguttaaluk Secondary School, which is near 97 per cent capacity.

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