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New youth centre schedule ready to roll

Cape Dorset's youth centre will host more than youth over the coming months. There are a number of activities for youth, of course, but adults and elders will be invited to play pool, darts and board games during an evening each week or two, said recreation director Will Sandoval.

"There's some elders who are pretty good (at pool), same with darts," Sandoval said.

For the youth, there will be board games, arts and crafts, drawing, a boys' club and girls' club, movie nights and sporting activities on Saturdays. Sandoval is also looking to incorporate more activities that gets parents involved with their young children at the youth centre, and he's happy to take suggestions.

As the summer warms up, more outdoor events will take place, including little league baseball, Sandoval said.

"We always do softball in the summer. This year we're going to fully break it down into age groups," he said. "Now we're finding that a lot of the younger kids are wanting to come out and play."