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Oil tanker rescues Baker Lake men after canoe capsizes

Two Baker Lake men who were approximately one kilometre from shore while on a leisure canoe trip on July 23 were rescued by a nearby oil tanker.

Two men went into the chilly waters near Baker Lake on July 23 after their canoe capsized. They were rescued within 15 minutes by crew from a nearby oil tanker.
photo courtesy of Terri Ann

The canoe capsized around 10:25 a.m. and the canoeists, who were both wearing personal flotation devices, were tossed into the cold water.

The tanker Tuvaq W – sailed by Coastal Shipping Ltd. and captained by Dean Rose –immediately sent a rescue team, according to the RCMP. The police, Baker Lake Search and Rescue, and other community members also rushed to the scene to assist.

Both of the canoeists were brought aboard the Tuvaq W within 15 minutes of capsizing and then treated with first aid, the RCMP stated.

They were later taken to the Baker Lake health centre for additional medical care and have since been able to return home.

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