Premier Joe Sakivataaq discussed housing, healthcare, devolution, climate change and responsible development with Justin Trudeau on Thursday morning but the Prime Minister made no firm commitments to provide funding. NNSL file photo

Premier Joe Savikataaq discussed Nunavut’s urgent needs and priorities with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa on Thursday morning, but there were no guarantees of action from Trudeau.

“No firm commitments, but lots of positive discussion and understanding around housing, healthcare, devolution, climate change and responsible development,” stated Cate MacLeod, Savikataaq’s press secretary.

In a GN news release, Savikataaq states, “I reiterated our territory’s infrastructure deficits, particularly around housing. We spoke at length about healthcare delivery and opportunities for Nunavummiut. I also took the occasion to speak to Nunavut’s resource development potential, and the need to balance conservation efforts with sustainable, responsible development.”

Derek Neary

Derek Neary has been reporting on developments in the North for 18 years. When he's not writing for Nunavut News, he's working on Northern News Services' special publications such as Opportunities North,...

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