As a gesture of gratitude to the Region of Peel in Ontario, a couple of prolific knitters in Iglulik – Maggie Kuplu and Kunnuk Attagutsiak – have fashioned 40 tuques for newborns that will be sent south.

Maggie Kuplu is one of two prolific knitters who made 40 tuques for newborns that will be sent to Ontario as a thank you for a donated ambulance.
photos courtesy of the Hamlet of Igloolik

The gifts are in return for the donation of an ambulance to Iglulik last August. The Peel regional government also shipped retired ambulances from their fleet to Cape Dorset, Taloyoak and Clyde River last year.

“They say when babies are born in ambulances, they have to get a little tuque to keep their head warm so we made 40 with NU on (them) for Nunavut,” senior administrative officer Greg Morash said. “It’s good will.”

Morash added that several days of training for ambulance attendants is still being arranged – possibly in April in Iqaluit – so the attendants will be qualified to properly transport medical patients.

Displaying some of the 40 tuques knitted for newborns in Ontario are Iglulik’s Ghadihela Quezada, Greg Morash, Lot Ulayuruluk, Reena Qulitalik and, in back, Elizabeth Qaunaq.

Derek Neary

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