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Who's running where? Your guide to the territorial election, by riding


Aggu (Iglulik)


  • Richard Amarualik
  • Paul A. Quassa (incumbent)
  • Jerome Sheaves
  • Matt Teed

Eligible voters: 485

2013 election:

  • Paul Quassa 43.4 per cent
  • John Illupalik 37.6 per cent

Voter turnout in 2013: 49.4 per cent

Did You Know? So few ballots were cast in the 2013 election that Quassa, as the winner, didn't even surpass 100 votes, getting 96, while Illupalik received 83.

(Hall Beach & Iglulik South)


  • Solomon Angugasak Allurut
  • Paul Haulli
  • Jason Ikeperiar
  • Reena Akumalik Irqittuq
  • Erasmus Ivvalu
  • Joelie Kaernerk
  • George Quviq Qulaut (incumbent)

Eligible voters: 648

2013 election:

  • George Quviq Qulaut 68.5 per cent
  • Paul Haulli 31.5 per cent

Voter turnout in 2013: 60.5 per cent

Did You Know? Four candidates – Haulli, Ikeperiar, Irqittuq and Kaernerk – reside in Hall Beach while the other three make their homes in Iglulik.

Hudson Bay


  • Peter Kattuk
  • Allan Rumbolt (incumbent)
  • Peter Qavvik

Eligible voters: 465

2013 election: Rumbolt took the seat with 44 per cent of the vote, over three other candidates. Moses Appaqaq came second with 31 per cent of the vote.

Voter turnout in 2013: 76 per cent

Did You Know? Kattuk, who is looking to unseat Rumbolt in Election 2017, represented the riding of Hudson Bay from 1999 to 2008, but did not run for re-election until 2017.



  • Okalik Eegeesiak
  • Monica Ell-Kanayuk (incumbent)
  • Adam Arreak Lightstone
  • Jude Lewis

Eligible voters: 1070

2013 election: Ell-Kanayuk took the seat with 69 per cent of the vote, over three other candidates. Mikidjuk Akavak came second with 15 per cent of the vote.

Voter turnout in 2013: 67 per cent.

Did You Know? Ell-Kanayuk and Eegeesiak are two of 17 women running in Election 2017



  • Pat Angnakak (incumbent)
  • Franco Buscemi
  • Anne Crawford

Eligible voters: 952

2013 election: Angnakak took the seat with 31 per cent of the vote, beating out five other candidates.

Voter turnout in 2013: 65 per cent

Did You Know? This is the second time Angnakak and Crawford are battling it out in the polls – in 2013, runner-up Crawford was only 20 votes behind Angnakak.



  • Adamee Itorcheak
  • Paul Okalik (incumbent)
  • Cindy Rennie
  • Elisapee Sheutiapik

Eligible voters: 1100

2013 election: Okalik, Nunavut's first premier, won his new riding with 46 per cent of the vote, with the closest contender Leesee Papatsie taking 25 per cent. Solomon Awa took 18 per cent and Natsiq Kango took 11.

Voter turnout in 2013: 50 per cent

Did You Know? The Iqaluit-Sinaa riding had one of the lowest voter turn-outs in the territory in 2013, tied with Aggu.



  • George Hickes (incumbent)
  • Jacopoosie Peter

Eligible voters: 1163

2013 election: This was a close race, with Hickes, at 39 per cent, beating out former premier Eva Aariak by seven per cent. Patterk Netser, Travis Cooper and Gideonie Joamie trailed behind.

Voter turnout in 2013: 72 per cent.

Did You Know? Netser is running again in Election 2017, this time in the riding of Aivilik and representing Coral Harbour.



  • Harry John Dialla
  • Johnny Mike (incumbent)
  • Margaret Nakashuk
  • Hezakiah Oshutapik

Eligible voters: 677

2013 election: Mike took the seat with 37.4 per cent of the vote, over three other candidates. Dialla came second with 34.5 per cent of the vote.

Voter turnout in 2013: 80 per cent

Did You Know? This will be the third time Mike and Oshutapik compete for the Pangnirtung seat. Oshutapik took the 2011 byelection, after Adamee Komoartok resigned. Mike then won the 2013 election.

(Arctic Bay, Grise Fiord, Resolute)


  • David Akeeagok
  • Mishak Allurut
  • Kataisee Attagutsiak
  • Leo Eecherk
  • Gary Kalluk
  • Mavis Manik
  • Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley
  • Isaac Shooyook (incumbent)
  • Andrew Taqtu

Eligible voters: 550

2013 election:

  • Isaac Shooyook 60.4 per cent
  • Ron Elliott 39.6 per cent

Voter turnout in 2013: 72.7 per cent

Did You Know? Quttiktuq is the most hotly-contested riding with nine candidates, the most in its history. Eight people ran in the 2000 byelection.

South Baffin
(Cape Dorset, Kimmirut)


  • David Joanasie
  • Michael Salomonie

Eligible voters: 932

2013 election:

  • David Joanasie 58.2 per cent
  • Tommy Akavak 22.8 per cent

Voter turnout in 2013: 82.4 per cent

Did You Know? The South Baffin riding had no candidates come forward in the October 2008 election, forcing a byelection that November that was contested by four individuals. Fred Schell emerged as the winner.

(Pond Inlet)


  • Joe Enook (incumbent)
  • Jeannie Mills
  • David Qamaniq

Eligible voters: 754

2013 election: Enook won soundly over sole competitor David Qajaakuttuk Qamaniq, with 73 per cent of the vote.

Voter turnout in 2013: 69 per cent

Did You Know? Enook first became MLA for Tununiq in a Sept. 2011 by-election when the late James Arvaluk resigned for health reasons.

(Clyde River, Qikiqtarjuaq)


  • Pauloosie Keyootak (incumbent)
  • Jerry Natanine
  • Johnathan Palluq

Eligible voters: Clyde River – 534; Qikiqtarjuaq – 303; Total – 837

2013 election: Samuel Nuqingaq and Niore Iqalukjuak were apparently tied after a first count, with 187 votes each. A recount held Nov. 5 gave Nuqingaq 187 votes to Iqalukjuak's 185.

Voter turnout in 2013: 78 per cent

Did You Know? Keyootak became MLA for Uqqummiut in a 2015 by-election when Nuqingaq was expelled from the legislative assembly by a motion, which passed unanimously, for unexplained absences and unacceptable conduct.


(Coral Harbour, Naujaat)


  • Jack Anawak
  • Patterk Netser

Eligible voters: Coral Harbour – 423; Naujaat – 408; Total – 831

2013 election: Steve Mapsalak took the seat with 58 per cent of the vote, over sole opponent Johnny Ningeongan.

Voter turnout in 2013: 64 per cent

Did You Know? The riding of Aivilik was one of several created before the 2013 general election. Coral Harbour and Naujaat were previously part of the Akulliq and Nanulik ridings, which no longer exist.

Arviat North-Whale Cove


  • George Kuksuk (incumbent)
  • John Main

Eligible voters: Arviat – 481; Whale Cove – 189; Total: 670

2013 election: With 160 votes, George Kuksuk slid into first with only 14 votes more than Elizabeth Copland's 146. The three other candidates – David Kritterdlik, Amauyak Netser and Joseph Ivitaaruq Kaviok trailed behind with 71, 66 and 19 votes respectively.

Voter turnout in 2013: 75 per cent

Did You Know? Unlike in 2013, which saw candidates from both Arviat and Whale Cove, this year's race sees two Arviat residents vying for the privilege of becoming a member of the legislative assembly.

Arviat South


  • Jason Gibbons
  • Joe Savikataaq (incumbent)

Eligible voters: 650

2013 election: The three-way race saw Savikataaq win with 40 per cent of the vote, as Airo Pameolik took a not-too-distant 32 per cent and Peter Alareak took 28 per cent.

Voter turnout in 2013: 77 per cent

Did You Know? Elections Nunavut rejected one ballot in the last general election.

Baker Lake


  • Karen Kabloona
  • Simeon Mikkungwak (incumbent)

Eligible voters: 979

2013 election:

  • Simeon Mikkungwak 59.3 per cent
  • Karen Yip 40.3 per cent

Voter turnout in 2013: 70.7 per cent

Did You Know? Mikkungwak is opposed by a single candidate for the second consecutive election. In the three elections prior to 2013, Baker Lake had three or more competitors vying for the seat.

Rankin Inlet North-Chesterfield Inlet


  • Douglas Aggark
  • Cedric Autut
  • Tom Sammurtok (incumbent)
  • Cathy Towtongie

Eligible voters: 822

2013 election:

  • Tom Sammurtok 45.8 per cent
  • Donna Adams 20.3 per cent

Voter turnout in 2013: 64 per cent

Did You Know? This is the second election where Chesterfield Inlet is paired up with a portion of Rankin Inlet. Prior to 2013, Chesterfield Inlet and Coral Harbour formed the riding of Nanulik.

Rankin Inlet South


  • Lorne Kusugak
  • Alexander Sammurtok (incumbent)

Eligible voters: 736

2013 election: draw

Voter turnout in 2013: 56.9 per cent

2014 byelection:

  • Alexander Sammurtok 54.3 per cent
  • Lorne Kusugak 45.7 per cent

Voter turnout in 2014 byelection: 80.4 per cent

Did You Know? This is a rematch between Sammurtok and Kusugak, who split the vote down the middle in the last election. Sammurtok won the subsequent byelection to take the seat from Kusugak.


Cambridge Bay


  • Jeannie Ehaloak
  • Pamela Gross
  • Harry Maksagak

Eligible voters: 911

2013 election:

  • Keith Peterson 68.7 per cent
  • Fred Pedersen 18.6 per cent

Voter turnout in 2013: 101.7 per cent

Did You Know? There were 655 total votes cast in 2013 despite 644 people on the official voters list, resulting in voter turnout slightly exceeding 100 per cent.

Gjoa Haven


  • Joseph Aglukkaq
  • Tony Akoak (incumbent)
  • Paul Puqiqnak
  • James Taqaugaq Qitsualik

Eligible voters: 691

2013 election:

  • Tony Akoak 48.4 per cent
  • Linda Hunter 37.1 per cent

Voter turnout in 2013: 70.2 per cent

Did You Know? Gjoa Haven became its own riding in 2013, having been formerly part of the Nattilik riding with Taloyoak.



  • Mila Adjukak Kamingoak (acclaimed)

Did You Know? Peter Taptuna was also acclaimed in this riding in 2013, and was subsequently chosen as premier.

(Kugaaruk and Taloyoak)


  • Emiliano Qirngnuq (incumbent)
  • Joe Tulurialik

Eligible voters: 830

2013 election:

  • Jeannie Ugyuk (acclaimed)

2016 byelection:

  • Emiliano Qirngnuq 31.2 per cent
  • Tars Angutingunirk 26.4 per cent

Voter turnout in 2016 byelection: 59.4 per cent

Did You Know? Qirngnuq served less than two years as MLA, having assumed the role after Jeannie Ugyuk resigned in November 2015 following a no-confidence vote.