It looks like the world was waiting for President Trump’s State of the Union address Jan. 30, after one year in the oval office.

I got interested only when he went on to talk about what he was going to do in the future. He started right off with building highways. He slammed the crumbling infrastructure all over America. Every state has highways and bridges falling apart. Also, he said he will ask for dollars for training, for vocational schools and “we will build roads, bridges …”. I hope Trudeau will follow his ideas and build roads all over Canada.

Immigrants are coming into Canada by the thousands from the USA. Canada is the second largest country in the world, with so few people. Give immigrants free land. We need to develop and open up our country and that means highways. We need politicians with vision and business minds!

Talking about business – I see the three day mining meeting in Vancouver went well, with a lot of Aboriginals attending. I hope they realize more than ever that we must open up the Territory with highways. Our Sahtu region is holding back business development. I hope all the people who went to the Vancouver mining meetings realized that until we are part of the rest of the North West Territories with roads and highways, we won’t improve.

I see a piece about the muskoxen in the last paper. Very interesting. I remember years ago, when they brought some muskoxen from eastern Arctic, put them on islands, in the Arctic, Holman Island region, so, seems they are not doing that well. They are coming inland. We have them in the Sahtu region. The muskoxen is very good meat. There is a large space of land in our Sahtu from the Beaufort region to the Great Bear Lake. It would be great to raise the muskoxen in that part of the territories. I think the muskoxen need help.

By the way, I just love to read Libby Whittall Catling’s articles in the paper. Her family is living the good life on the land and they sure are organized. I totally agree with her column on November 6, 2017, titled “Red Alert” where she quotes Premier McLeod’s future for the North West Territories.

I sure would love to visit her camp. She is living the life we used to live in the old days before we had a government. The only thing we didn’t have were the snowmobiles.

A very interesting ad in the News North, January 8, 2018, titled “Around the North – Intergovernmental Council Holds Meetings” in Hay River regarding devolution in Yellowknife at the 4th annual meeting of the Intergovernmental Council and the 9 Aboriginal governments to discuss land and water management and developing a collective vision for the North West Territories including economic development!?!

Too many governments. All the governments are eating all the money. No money left over to build up the territory and help its people. Think about that!

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