It took a while to get the numbers together, but everything is official when it comes to the NWT Cross-Country Championships.

Runners in the tyke boys division bust out from the start line during the NWT Cross-Country Championships in Fort Providence in October. They are, from left, Byron O’Brien of Hay River, Avery Skelhorn of Hay River, Peyton Simba of Kakisa, Sebastian Berrub of Hay River, Liam LeCouter of Hay River and Kason Coombs of Hay River. photo courtesy of Thorsten Gohl

The event was held in Fort Providence in early October and Yellowknife’s William McDonald School won the grand aggregate team banner for the second year running. The grand aggregate result takes the number of points a school scores based on the results from each race and divides it by the number of athletes a school brings.

William McDonald also won the total points banner.

Nimisha Bastedo was one of the organizers for this year’s race and said the numbers for this year were on par with last year’s event, which was also held in the community.

“We had just over 200 entries and that’s close to what we had last year,” she said.

She also said the conditions for the race were chilly and damp, which is what makes for a good cross-country event, and the community really jumped on board to help out.

“We had lots of volunteers from the community and their help is always appreciated,” she said.

Here are the top three finishers in each division:

Mite boys

  • 1st – Shaden Kaskamin, Fort Smith
  • 2nd – Avery Chepelski-Tetso, Fort Smith
  • 3rd – Jaxin Coombs, Hay River

Mite girls

  • 1st – Simone Freund, Fort Smith
  • 2nd – Avianna Babiuk, Hay River
  • 3rd – Sophia Touesnard, Hay River

Tyke boys

  • 1st – Ryder Korotash, Hay River
  • 2nd – Byron O’Brien, Hay River
  • 3rd – Avery Skelhorn, Hay River

Tyke girls

  • 1st – Ralston Rutherford-Simon, Fort Smith
  • 2nd – Orlee Duru, Yellowknife
  • 3rd – Solenn Kikoak, Fort Smith

Peewee boys

  • 1st – Shamus Downey, Yellowknife
  • 2nd – Ahmad Gassam Elsead, Yellowknife
  • 3rd – Gabriel Couture, Yellowknife

Peewee girls

  • 1st – Tianna Head, Fort Smith
  • 2nd – Kaylie Locke-Setter, Yellowknife
  • 3rd – Mia Locke-Setter, Yellowknife

Bantam boys

  • 1st – Alexander Fast, Yellowknife
  • 2nd – James Vogel, Yellowknife
  • 3rd – Alex Vogel, Yellowknife

Bantam girls

  • 1st – Shannon Mercer, Yellowknife
  • 2nd – Sarah Porter, Fort Smith
  • 3rd – Kira Young, Yellowknife

Midget boys

  • 1st – Colten Robertson, Yellowknife
  • 2nd – Matthew Patzer, Yellowknife
  • 3rd – Jed Mitchell, Fort Smith

Midget girls

  • 1st – Ava Applejohn, Yellowknife
  • 2nd – Anais Aubrey-Smith, Fort Smith
  • 3rd – Effie Lockhart, Yellowknife

Juvenile boys

  • 1st – Christopher Mathison, Yellowknife
  • 2nd – Alexander McMahon, Fort Smith
  • 3rd – Aiden Rylott, Yellowknife

Juvenile girls

  • 1st – Emily Carroll, Yellowknife
  • 2nd – Bronwyn Rutherford-Simon, Fort Smith
  • 3rd – Makayla Lane, Yellowknife

Junior boys

  • 1st – Jack Panayi, Yellowknife
  • 2nd – Zack Horton, Hay River
  • 3rd – Logan Debogorski, Yellowknife

Junior girls

  • 1st – Fiona Huang, Hay River
  • 2nd – Ella Kokelj, Yellowknife

Senior men’s

  • 1st – Sebastian Boucher, Fort Providence
  • 2nd – Eric Reed, Yellowknife
  • 3rd – Brent Babiuk, Hay River

Senior women’s

  • 1st – Myra Berrub, Hay River
  • 2nd – Stacy Applejohn, Yellowknife
  • 3rd – Chris Silzer, Yellowknife
source: Nimisha Bastedo

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