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Deline government to choose three new members

Three members to the Deline government could be chosen next week.

The Deline government is appointing three new members to their justice council that deals with community awareness, prevention and events.

The members of the council are chosen by Justice Manager Cathy Taylor and her team of government officials. The only prerequisite for applicants is they have to be a current resident of the town of Deline.

Some members of the Deline community are hoping the new justice council will focus on pressing issues in the community such as addictions and education.

“I hope they focus more on additions awareness,” said Deline resident Rachel Menache. “When they hold events around the issues it keeps the town occupied and entertained.”

The justice council members will be chosen based on a certain criteria. They will have to possess a legal background and must be willing to settle disputes with policy.

Justice Manager Cathy Taylor said this position is not just for anyone.

“Setting up this council is a big priority within our government,” said Taylor. “We want people who will speak out and are willing to do a lot of the reading and prep-work necessary for the job.”

Taylor added that these new members will have to be capable of conflict resolution.

There have been 11 applicants for the position by press time. Meetings will be held today with the Deline K'aowedo Ke leaders being given recommendations following the selection.

There is a meeting expected for the second week in December to introduce the three new members to the justice council.