Double duty for diamond twins

by Derek Neary - November 5, 2018

Gemini is the astrological sign for twins, and gems are one of the things that twins Britney and Shelby Nadli have in common. Both work at NWT diamond mines. Shelby has been an employee at Ekati since December 2015, operating a 240-tonne haul truck for most of that time. “I enjoy it, yeah. It gets…

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2 Responses to “Double duty for diamond twins”

  1. This is an excellent story about young people finding a new career in mining, of women adding to the mining workforce, and about community benefits from a great industry. Nice to read positive stories like this. I know there are lots more out there. Keep it up NNSL!

  2. Both girls trained in programs at Aurora College in partnership with the Mine Training Society – Training leading direct to work!