Michael Nadli, former two-term MLA for the Dehcho is returning to the negotiating table.

According to a news release from the Fort Simpson-based Dehcho First Nations, Nadli, who served as grand chief at the start of the Dehcho Process for land use and self-government, is a fluent speaker of Dene Zhatie and a “champion for Dene rights.

“Through his past roles in leadership and ability to speak our language, he has a strong connection to our culture and Elders,” grand chief Gladys Norwegian said.

Former Dehcho MLA Michael Nadli was named chief negotiator for the Dehcho First Nations Dec. 2.
NNSL file photo

Nadli served as CEO of the Dehcho Land Use Planning Committee from 2007 to 2011 and has been “helping build capacity” in his home community with Deh Gah Gotie First Nation.

Nadli served eight days of a 45-day jail sentence for assault in 2015 after breaking his wife’s wrist. The incident took place in April 2014; Nadli was a sitting MLA when he was sentenced and was suspended from the legislature as a result.

He was also placed on probation after pleading guilty to assaulting his spouse in 2004.

Nadli said in a news release issued Dec. 2 that negotiating “is a common day occurrence.

“I feel I can be a positive asset to the Dehcho First Nations. At a deeper level my work is driven by a passion for justice and fairness.”

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