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Former Tlicho official pleads guilty to stealing $120K

NNSL photo

A former official with the Tlicho Community Services Agency has pleaded guilty to breach of trust, admitting to "fraudulently stealing" thousands of dollars from the agency and territorial government over a two-year period.

Joseph Charles Beaverho, 64, pleaded guilty to a single count of breach of trust by an officer April 23 in Yellowknife’s territorial court.
Beaverho pleaded guilty to a charge that, according to court documents, alleges he "fraudulently" stole $120,721.24 from the Tlicho Community Services Agency and the GNWT while acting as a Tlicho scholarship program officer between April 2010 and February 2012.

He is alleged to have committed the breach of trust "in connection with the duties of his office," court files show.
While he pleaded guilty to the charge, Beaverho hasn’t formally been convicted of the offence.

Judge Donovan Molloy ordered a pre-sentencing report, an examination of an offender’s background to help shape a judge’s sentence.
Beaverho will be back in a Yellowknife courtroom on Aug. 7, when he’s due to be sentenced.