A 34-year-old Fort Good Hope woman is facing charges after police say she tried to bring nearly 40 bottles of alcohol into the community.

Around midnight on Saturday, the woman – who hasn’t been named by police – was stopped by Mounties who were conducting check stops along trails and roads leading into the community, according to a news release issued by Fort Good Hope RCMP on Tuesday.

Police say the woman was travelling with two dozen 375-ml bottles of vodka and 12 beers. The alcohol was seized by RCMP.

RCMP photo. Fort Good Hope RCMP say they intercepted a haul of alcohol – 24 bottles of voda and a dozen beer – en route to the community late Saturday. A 34-year-old unnamed woman has been charged.

Under the territory’s Liquor Act, Fort Good Hope restricts the amount of alcohol brought into the community.

“The amount of alcohol allowed in the community is determined by the NWT Liquor Act for a variety of reasons, including the prevention of crime related to excessive alcohol consumption,” stated the release from RCMP.

“This is not a victimless crime,” added Sgt. Steve Huff, Fort Good Hope detachment commander.

Brendan Burke

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