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Fort Smith hunters found safe in cabin after RCMP search and rescue

An RCMP spokesperson confirmed the police force is in receipt of a complaint about a man allegedly making harassing comments toward to Yellowknife women on Tuesday evening.

Two hunters were found safe in a cabin in an area known as Grande Detour following a Fort Smith RCMP search and rescue operation.

In a Wednesday news release Fort Smith RCMP say they were advised that a hunting party of two had not checked in on Sunday per an agreed schedule. They were told it had been 48 hours since their last check-in via emergency communication device. 

Through investigation, RCMP learned that the party was travelling to the Grade Detour area, about 90 minutes from Fort Smith by snowmobile. As it was too dark to deploy a helicopter search that evening, the search began the next morning with the help of Joint Task Force North (JTFN) and the local Canadian Ranger contingent.  

The two individuals were found at the cabin in good health. 

They had experienced mechanical trouble with their ATVs but made it safely to shelter. They believed that they had been sending regular messages, however the communication device was not working properly.  

“We are thankful the individuals were found in good health," Staff Sgt. Ken Beard said. "As their messages were not being received, this highlights the necessity of checking that all equipment is in good working order. This also highlights the benefits of leaving a detailed plan with a trusted person.”

The RCMP thanks JTFN for organizing the Rangers, Acasta Helicopters, and all other citizens that contributed to the safe location of the two individuals.