A hit and run that took place over the weekend may have been a targeted attack, says the family that runs Sushi Cafe.

A white Ford F-150 crashed into the front of Sushi Cafe on Franklin Ave. early Sunday morning. There were no reported injuries. photo courtesy of Anita Wai

“Anita had an altercation with an intoxicated person on Saturday. They came in intoxicated and started causing problems.”

Li was speaking a day after a white Ford F-150 crashed into the front of the property on Franklin Ave early in the morning on Sunday.

Li, who has taken on the role as spokesperson while the cafe’s management team works out details with insurance and construction companies, said the anonymous tip she received over Facebook showed a screenshot from a man’s Facebook page appearing to claim responsibility for the attack.

“It looks like the man may have stole a truck and ran it into the building, that same person took a picture later that morning and put a post on Facebook saying something along the lines of ‘this is what happens if you mess with me’,” said Li.

Li said she has now forwarded the tip to the RCMP who are currently investigating the incident.

In a news release, RCMP stated that its investigation is ongoing and the truck has now been seized for further analysis.

A photo from inside Sushi Cafe after the truck had been removed shows the extent of the damage to the building. Facebook photo

While the investigation is ongoing Anita Wai, the manager of the store is still waiting to find out how much damages will cost and how long she will be closed for.

“I don’t know how long we will be closed we have to wait until they get further information, but it will be temporary” Waisaid.

“We will see if we can do take out only or see if the construction company can make the dining room a smaller size to serve the customer we will try to do our best.”

Wai said she is looking at every option possible to help keep her staff working while the building is getting repaired.

Li added they are currently looking to find a landlord that would issue them a temporary lease and added there have already been a number of suggestions from the community.

“We had some suggestions that we could operate out of the kitchen while they do construction. But we need to talk to the health department first,” said Li. “We’re waiting for the insurance to come through, then the next step is reaching out to the landlord and seeing if anyone would operate a rental lease.”

A Facebook post by Sushi Cafe has garnered close to 75 comments from community members, most giving suggestions and offers of help from the community.

RCMP are asking anyone that has any information or may have witnessed the incident to contact them at 867-669-1111 or to call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). There were no reported injuries in the incident.

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