An Inuvik man was sentenced Thursday on charges of theft and assault after stealing from the Northmart store and then attempting to punch an employee. 

On Aug. 22, 2019, the offender went into the Inuvik Northmart and placed several packages of steaks down his pants. He then tried to punch an employee while being escorted out of the store. He was heavily intoxicated at the time. 

While the offender didn’t make contact with the employee, even the threat of force constitutes a basic assault.

An individual from Inuvik was sentenced Thursday on convictions of theft and assault after stealing packages of steaks from the Inuvik Northmart store and then attempting to punch an employee.
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The man, 57, appeared in Yellowknife court by phone from an assisted-living facility in Edmonton where he has sought treatment for alcoholism. He moved in September to seek treatment.

“I do accept all responsibility of anything I’ve done in my past,” he told the court. “All of my offences were done when I was drinking,” he said. “When I’m sober I am a much better man.”

Territorial Court judge Donovan Molloy accepted the Crown and defence lawyers’ joint sentence recommendation of one day in custody and one year of probation. He commended the offender for recognizing his need for treatment and moving all the way to Edmonton to seek the resources he requires.

“It speaks highly to your commitment of doing better,” Molloy said. 

The court heard that the guilty party has a record of 24 previous convictions, several of which include stealing from Northmart. 

Molloy noted that the offender had gone six years without run-ins with the law. He said, “I just think it’s a slip and I commend you for your efforts to get back on track.”  

Defence lawyer Tú Pham acknowledged that the sentence is lenient, “but reflective of the steps he’s taken.”

Pham also highlighted the Gladue factors at play as the man spent three years in residential school.

Pham told the court that the offender has indicated that his problems stem from seeing his 12-year-old sister accidentally shoot and kill his 11-year-old brother as a kid. Since then he said he has struggled with loneliness and mental health challenges, which has led to drinking. 

While on probation, the man is obligated to participate in counselling and treatment. He will be prohibited from contact with the Northmart employee he assaulted and he’s not allowed within 4.6 metres of the Northmart store. 

In addressing his alcoholism, he has participated in two 40-day alcoholism programs and has enrolled in online courses on trauma and psychology.  

“I want a better life, your honour,” the offender said to Molloy before hearing his sentence. “As best a life as I can have anyways.”

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  1. I worked in inuvik for 15 years in this very same store last 9 years as security and lost perversion they steal this stuff too sell on the street to support there drinking i dealt with it on a daily basis government needs too see this and those people need help there are some who drink 24/7 there picked up by law inforcment and took somewhere and dropped off too sober up and go right back at it again government needs too get those people some help not put a bandade on it and hope it goes away all the best too this person seek help yourself if you can your a good man with a good heart and there’s more like you out there