Jimmy Kalinek, who has always called Inuvik home, is one of eight new Canadian Rangers – and one of four from Inuvik – welcomed into the First Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (1 CRPG) Jan. 11.

“I’ve always had an interest in being a Ranger, and I think joining the Rangers is a good thing,” Kalinek said. “We’re the eyes and ears for the North, as they say.”

Kimmy Kalinek, Beverly Kingmiaqtuq, Randy Zerke, OJ Bernhardt (Kugluktuk) and Jay Blakeston hold up their enrolment certificates presented by Lt.-Col. Luis Carvallo and Chief Warrant Officer Andre Lavallee (left).
Photo courtesy of 1 CRPG

The swearing-in ceremony took place at the 1 CRPG headquarters in Yellowknife. It was presided over by Lt.-Col. Luis Carvallo, commanding officer of 1 CRPG.

The Canadian Rangers are a faction of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Reserve Force created in 1947. Rangers are part-time, non-commissioned members of CAF that work to provide a military presence in remote Northern, coastal, and isolated regions of Canada.

Kalinek is one of four new Rangers from Inuvik. Others include Beverly Kingmiaqtuq, Jay Blakeston, and Randy Zerke.

The other four new Rangers are Diana Andre, Harley Andre, and Jenna Kenny from Deline, and OJ Bernhardt from Kugluktuk, Nunavut.

“Canadian Rangers are an integral part of their communities in the North and I am extremely honoured to be able to swear in new military recruits joining the reserve force,” Carvallo stated in a news release from the 1 CRPG. “By taking the initiative to bring new recruits to Yellowknife, meet them, ensure all enrolment forms are complete correctly, we demonstrate the seriousness of our commitment to building stronger relationships with our members.”

A new Junior Canadian Ranger patrol group is set to open Feb. 24 for Inuvik youth ages 12 to 18, the release stated.

Kalinek said he is excited to help with recruiting youth in Inuvik, as he enjoys working with children. His other job is with the school, teaching the NWT on-the land collaborative program in the fall, teaching youth about fishing, hunting, and harvesting.

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