Northwest Territories Conservatives are getting ready for the 2019 federal election.

The Conservative Party of Canada issued a media release late last week as it opened its nomination period for the Northwest Territories. The party is asking interested members to submit nomination applications. The nomination period will be opened for two weeks, closing May 16 at 5 p.m. (EST), as per the Conservative Party nomination rules and procedures, states the news release. 

Tim Syer, Conservative Party Electoral District Association president for the NWT, left, welcomed Kevin Waugh, a Conservative MP to Yellowknife in February. Waugh, who is from Saskatchewan, was in town to begin development of a Conservative platform for the North leading into October’s federal election. NNSL file photo

After the end of the two-week period, there will be a further communication to members advising them of the result, and next steps should any be required.

Tim Syer, the NWT riding president for the Conservatives, said the party is hopeful in the months leading up to the election.

“We are looking forward to a vibrant and competitive local nomination process and encourage grassroots Conservatives across the territory to seek the nomination. The NWT riding association has been busy building and training an election team to ensure the success of our candidate this fall”.

Earlier this year, the NWT Conservative riding association brought Kevin Waugh, a Conservative MP from Saskatchewan to the territory in an effort to build a northern platform for the party. 

During the 2015 federal election, Michael McLeod, the current Member of Parliament for the incumbent Liberals won with 9,166 votes and 48.3 per cent of the vote.

The Conservatives at the time came in third with their candidate Floyd Roland who had 3,415 ballots cast in his favour and 18 percent of the vote.

The Conservatives have not had an MP in the NWT since Dave Nickerson held the seat between 1979 and 1988, but has had more success in other areas of the North in recent elections, including the Yukon and Nunavut, which elected MPs while the party was in power during the reign of former prime minister Stephen Harper. 

National Conservative party representatives stated in the media release that the party is looking forward to the coming election and raising issues on affordability in the NWT.

“We’re excited to get our candidate in place in the Northwest Territories,” stated Dustin van Vugt, executive director of the Conservative Party of Canada.  “Beginning this process now means we will have a representative in the NWT with plenty of time to go until the election.
“Andrew Scheer has a positive vision for Canada, and the North, one that centres on making life more affordable, and helping people not just get by, but actually get ahead. I know that our eventual candidate in the NWT will represent those priorities well.”

Yellowknife resident David Connelly, a national vice president of the Conservative Party of Canada and the NWT’s representative on the party’s national council stands with Andrew Sheer just hours after Scheer’s win of the party’s leadership race in 2017. Photo courtesy of David Connelly

The party has more than 260 candidates nominated, and continues to open nominations across the country in preparation for the fall federal election, according to the news release. 

The federal election will take place on Oct. 21 and parties have yet to name a nominee
with less than six months to go. The New Democratic Party or the Green Party have not yet indicated who their NWT candidates will be for the coming election.


Fact file:

NWT members of Parliament since 1972

Wally Firth                    NDP                                1972-79

Dave Nickerson             Progressive Conservative   1979-88

Ethel Blondin-Andrew     Liberal                             1988-2006

Dennis Bevington           NDP                                2006-2015

Michael McLeod              Liberal                            2015-present


Conservative candidates in the NWT since 2004

2004    Sean Mandeville

2006    Richard Edjericon

2008    Brendan Bell

2011     Sandy Lee

2015     Floyd Roland

Source: NNSL archives

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