The Long John Jamboree festival board will be issuing a public statement on Monday regarding the status of the festival.

It remains unclear whether a ninth Longjohn Jamboree will take place this spring. NNSL file photo

“We will be putting out a press release on Monday,” stated Garett Cochrane, acting board president in a message via Facebook on Friday afternoon.

The festival board and its advisers reportedly met on Thursday to discuss putting together a press release for the media, however, details about the status of the jamboree — which is entering its ninth year — are not yet public.

NNSL Media sent several questions to the City of Yellowknife as dates have not emerged on the municipality’s special events page or elsewhere on the web page.

Requests for the city’s involvement in “Yellowknife’s Winter festival” were submitted Monday requesting information on what the dates are for this year’s festival.

Alison Harrower, communications spokesperson for the city referred NNSL Media to the Long John Jamboree’s website, which has no dates scheduled for 2020.

The site still has the schedule for last year’s event at the Fieldhouse noted.

Harrower also provided a copy of the city’s “Bylaw 4773, the Long John Jamboree By-law,”
which gives city workers half a civic holiday on the afternoon of the Friday of Long John Jamboree weekend.

There was no indication of if or when city employees might get that holiday in 2020.

Questions were also sent to Canadian North, a premier corporate sponsor, to find out if funds have been provided for the event. Responses were forthcoming on Friday afternoon.

Earlier this week, Yellowknifer reported that the board had no solid dates to report. Past organizers and those closely involved were contacted but referred all questions to the jamboree’s current board of directors.

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