by Candace A. McQuatt

40 years ago

With the approval of the commissioner, the city would borrow $1 million by debenture for the development of the Frame Lake South subdivision.

The necessary bylaw received second reading at a council meeting. The money would be paid off over a 20-year period at a rate of interest set by the government.

It was collected at the same rate of interest plus 0.25 per cent for administrative costs over the same period from people buying land in the subdivision.

The land sales were expected to surpass the $1 million mark, as the price of lots averaged about $23,000 for the water and sewer services ($10,000 if paid off in one shot) plus the actual cost of the land. Sixty-eight lots were for sale.


30 years ago

Normally, Yellowknife would receive about 17 millimetres of rain in June.

But according to statistics from Environment Canada, Yellowknife had received 71.7 mm of rain in June – more than four times the normal amount. Most of the rain fell on three dates: June 1, 27 and 28.

It was also no coincidence that Yellowknifers saw less of the sun that June. The city usually receives 390 hours of sunlight in June, but that month only received 298 hours.

Yellowknife also set a maximum temperature record on June 15 with a high of 24.9 C.


20 years ago

Lightening strikes were wreaking havoc on wooded areas along the Ingraham Trail.

Though there was no immediate danger to homes and property on the trail, firefighters had been busy trying to tackle the forest fires.

There were about four blazes within 30 to 40 kilometres of the trail itself. Helicopters and firefighters were busy trying to deal with them. The Yellowknife region had a total of 50 fires so far that season, and just after the latest storm, some 29 new fires were reported.


10 years ago

A U.S. Air Force Hercules aircraft blew an engine and was forced to return to the Yellowknife airport.

Airport manager Steve Loutitt said the aircraft was heading north with supplies for NASA. It lost an engine in flight and had to come back. The aircraft landed without incident.

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