30 years ago

Forty military attaches from 29 different countries were in Yellowknife for a series of seminars on Canadian activity in the North.

The military personnel, affiliated with their countries’ embassies, came as part of a once-per-year excursion by the Director of Foreign Liason. The trip was for information on governement, RCMP and Canadian Armed Forces activities in the NWT. The group were later taken to Whitehorse and Resolute Bay before returning to Ottawa.

40 years ago: A fair sized reception of officials and Yellowknifers were out to meet Princess Margriet of the Netherlands and her husband Pieter Van Vollenhoven. Here the couple was greeted by Mayor Fred Henne and Brig. Gen. K.J. Thorneycroft.

The military observers came from the following countries, Nepal, Sudan, Chile, the Soviet Union, the United States, Poland, Australia, France, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Indonesia, Mexico, Norway, Greece, Great Britain, Nigeria, Spain, Venezuela, Switzerland, Portugal, China, Columbia, Finland, Kenya, New Zealand, Korea, Brazil and Zimbabwe.

20 years ago

Finlayson Drive North residents had yet to see the water levels rise in Range Lake. Public works and engineering director Gary Craig said the city’s plan was to replenish the lake with city hydrant water and but that its plans to do so were being held up by the NWT Water Board.

10 years ago

Motorcycle and scooter riders wouldn’t have to pay parking meter fees on the Ride To Work day.

The NWT Riders Association requested a parking meter exemption from the city for its 17th annual motorcycle and scooter Ride to Work Day for July 16 citing reduced traffic congestion and less fuel usage as reasons more people should ride rather than drive.

All councillors were in favour of the request except for Coun. David McCann, who said the city should instead be encouraging more people to walk.

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