NEWS BRIEFS: Aurora College Foundational Review release is today

NNSL- May 29, 2018

The fate of Aurora College’s social work and bachelor of education programs should be revealed today, as the GNWT releases the Aurora College Foundational Review to the public.Prior to its afternoon release, there will be an embargoed technical briefing for media and press conference with Education Minister Caroline Cochrane at the legislative assembly this morning,…

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One response to “NEWS BRIEFS: Aurora College Foundational Review release is today”

  1. In regards to the Social Work and BEd Programs, As full time career counselor in northern Alberta (most of which has limited post secondary offerings), I began to track students who left their home communities for post secondary. This may have been because the programming wasn’t available or they just wanted a change. In 2009, a total of 422 students graduated from the various rural schools I was working in. 60% of those graduates left home communities for post secondary and…down the road 50% of these students did not return to their home communities after completing their education. Is a classic example of brain drain. The GNWT needs to gather statistics, talk to high school students, students who are in the south for schooling, etc. If the students can access programming in their home communities or regions, they are more likely to stay, work and raise their families in those areas.