Northwest Territory Métis Nation is offering support for elders who can’t go on the land.

“It’s very important to keep everyone socially distant from one another and keep them on the land where it’s always the safest,” NWT Métis Nation president Garry Bailey said. However, he added, some may be unable to go out for extended periods under the federal government’s At Home on The Land program.

As a result, the $500 in assistance is targeted to elders who are NWT residents and 55 years or older and can’t access the on the land support. The funds must be used for used for groceries, and can’t be spent on tobacco and fuel.

The nation is phoning its members individually to get the word out, Bailey said.

“Don’t hesitate to call us if they need any help to get it, or anything like that. We’re here for (elders) as much as we can,” he said, adding the nation would even visit homes if needed.

Meanwhile, the nation was seeking other sources of cash to help members who haven’t received support, according to Bailey.


“A lot of our people lost their jobs and really need assistance,” he said.

Nick Pearce

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