A release from the Office of the Chief Public Health Officer (OCPHO) of the GNWT on Oct. 6 reminded people of the gathering limits as well as tips to remain safe during Thanksgiving and other holidays and special events while enjoying the occasion with close friends and family.

People feeling unwell even with minor symptoms are to cancel their get-together and to look at ways to connect with loved ones while social distancing such as contacting loved ones online. Those who are currently required to self-isolate cannot host others for their gathering and are to connect virtually instead.

There is a maximum of 10 people allowed in each home with a limit of 25 people for public indoor spaces. With regards to larger outdoor gatherings you are allowed up to 50 people as long as physical distancing and hand-washing is followed.

Tips from the CPHO Dr. Kami Kandola for celebrating special occasions include setting up your table for physical distancing, using the best space available for good ventilation, ensuring guests have access to hand sanitizer, soap and alcohol wipes for common touching points as well as to use prior to eating.

People are also recommended to limit their interactions up to two weeks prior to the the upcoming gathering to minimize any risks ahead of the holiday. For Thanksgiving specifically having a designated carver and cutter for the dinner is recommended.

Other recommended tips for mindful hosts include, asking guest to bring a ‘doggie bag’ just in case they feel unwell during the day so they do not miss out on Thanksgiving dinner, and to avoid sharing cutlery and dishes with each other.

If you are coming to visit a loved one in a continuing care home or in a hospital setting, masks are required in all NWT Health and Social Services Authority buildings.

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  1. The following rhyme is in consideration of the countless worldwide for whom there’s especially nothing to be thankful on COVID-19 Thanksgiving Day—nor any other day, for that matter …
    Pass me the holiday turkey, peas / and the delicious stuffing flanked / by buttered potatoes with gravy / since I’ve said grace with plenty ease / for the good food received I’ve thanked / my Maker who’s found me worthy. / It seems that unlike the many of those / in the unlucky Third World nation / I’ve been found by God deserving / to not have to endure the awful woes / and the stomach wrenching starvation / suffered by them with no dinner serving. / Therefore hand over to me the corn / the cranberry sauce, fresh baked bread / since for my grub I’ve praised the Lord / yet I need not hear about those born / whose meal I’ve been granted instead / as they receive naught of the grand hoard.