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Porritt Landing expansion nearly finished

Boaters who have used Porritt Landing this summer have likely noticed brand new wooden docks floating at the popular boat launch.  

The docks provide spots to park up to 12 boats and should be available for rent by mid-August.

Boat parking spaces by new wooden docks at the Porritt Landing boat launch are set to go up for rent in August. Sidney Cohen/NNSL photo

The floating docks are part of larger revitalization of the area that began last year.

Docking spots will cost $470 the season.

“The idea there was just to look at expanding the options available for fair and equitable use of the boat launch and marina facility,” Glenn Smith, the town’s acting recreation and community services director, said on July 4.

“We felt that there is a demand in town for having spaces for seasonal use.”

A lottery for the spots will likely take place held in August. This summer’s fees will be prorated to account for a shorter docking period (boats must be removed by September 30).

Lottery winners will have the option to renew their each year indefinitely, said Smith.

A waitlist will be established if the demand for spaces overshoots the supply.

Additional spots will be up for rent on the opposite side of the launch as well, bringing the total number of parking spots into the 16-to-20 range.

“We feel that the amount of spaces will go probably this year or next year,” said Smith.

He said the town plans to build more wooden docks and increase the number of spaces to meet any future demand.

The town is also working on adding spots for single-day docking spots.

Mayor Brad Mapes said designated parking spots at Porritt Landed were “definitely needed.”

“I’ve heard from a lot of residents, when you have a family member that needs assistance to get in and out of the boat, they’re not able to get in and out because someone’s got their boat jammed up into the best spot,” Mapes said on July 3.

“This way... we have a designated area where you’ll be able to load and unload without any issues for the public.”

In addition to looking fresh and inviting, said Mapes, the wooden docks are much safer than the plastic docks on the far side of the launch.

Boaters were not previously required to pay to moor their boats at Porritt Landing.

Mapes said the town intends to ramp up bylaw enforcement, and that boaters who park without paying could see their vessels impounded and face a $300 fine.

The revitalization of Porritt Landing also includes the installation of an open-air shelter, picnic tables, portable washrooms, a fire pit and playground equipment.

The town earmarked $32,000 for Porritt Landing upgrades in the 2018 budget.

Smith said he has heard lots of positive feedback from residents and plasurecrafters about the upgrades to Porritt Landing.

“It should help support tourism as well as provide a nice facility for residents of the community to more easily and fairly access the waterways,” he said.