An online petition called “Save Minister Katrina Nokleby” was launched on Thursday, a day after a motion was tabled in the Legislative Assembly seeking her removal from cabinet.

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Steve Norn, the Tu Nedhé-Wiilideh MLA, introduced the motion calling for Nokleby, the MLA for Great Slave to be removed. It was seconded by Rocky Simpson, MLA for Hay River South.

Nokleby was elected to the position on Oct. 24, 2019.

Norn told NNSL Media that he wasn’t yet prepared to discuss the reasoning behind the motion but that “it wasn’t taken lightly” and that it was made thorough deliberation with the other members of the Standing Committee on Accountability and Oversight.

“In this assembly, we were promised change,” said the petition, which was started by Chuck Grandy.

“We were promised that MLAs would work together.  In unprecedented times, the NWT needs to focus on keeping the territory strong instead of petty political infighting.”

The motion is scheduled to be debated in the Assembly on Friday.

Blair McBride

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  1. This Government and quite frankly Mr Norn will loos its face when trying to oust someone so early in the Governments Life. This is a Gong Show and has not much to to with Professionalism

  2. I am totally against the removal of Minister Nokleby. She has vindicated herself well with industry in her promises to be a good communicator. She is educated and knowledgeable in the portfolios she has been given. I have seen nothing that would indicate that she has done anything to initiate a non-confidence vote. I have seen the exact opposite. An MLA that is pushing for change, something the NWT needs sorely.

  3. The only change these MLAs are interested in is getting a Ministers position for themselves. They are trying to get rid of who they think is the weakest link.