The June 12 election of Chief and Council of Smith’s Landing First Nation is facing an appeal, according to a June 24 notice of hearing.

The anonymous appellant alleges eight election irregularities. She claimed four candidates were ineligible; the Election Officer wrongly disqualified a candidate, and counted mail-in ballots that were late or improperly sealed. She also alleged the officer allowed an agent of one of the candidates to attend the vote-count, in addition to there being no poll in Fort Fitzgerald.

The appellant also pointed to inconsistencies between polling stations, and concern about the use of polling clerks, but these claims weren’t elaborated on.

Gerry Cheezie was elected chief in a June 12 election.
NNSL File Photo

Earlier this month, Gerry Cheezie won the election for chief of the First Nation by 12 votes, beating runner-up Wilfred Caulette 70 to 58.  Geronimo Paulette, Thaidene Paulette, Delphine Paulette-Clark, and Tony Vermillion were also elected as councilors in the close race, which saw three recounts.

The hearing will be held on July 24, and will be presided over by Election Appeals Arbitrator Donald Mallon. Anyone with relevant information, or an interest in the outcome of the appeal, may testify.

Nick Pearce

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