TALES FROM THE DUMP: Pitch your spent butts into an ashtray

NNSL- July 13, 2018

Imagine picking up 57 kilograms of cigarette butts. Considering the average cigarette weighs one gram, that would represent at least 57,000 cigarette butts. Now imagine that all those butts were picked up in a small Northern town of around 1,700 people. According to a news item on the July 8 edition of CBC’s Northbeat program,…

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One response to “TALES FROM THE DUMP: Pitch your spent butts into an ashtray”

  1. Thank you for reminding smokers that cigarettes butts are not only litter, but also dangerous litter. It is so dismaying to be out for a walk or sitting on a bench to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of our city only to be surrounded by these unsightly and harmful butts so thoughtlessly discarded.