June 21, 2018

A story in Wednesday’s edition stated Niven, Range and Fiddler Lakes are safe for swimming and fishing (“New list of arsenic-impacted lakes”). While the levels of arsenic in these lakes do not pose a significant risk to people who swim or fish, other bacteria such as e.coli make them unsafe. Also, Fiddler’s Lake is the city’s sewage lagoon, not Fiddler Lake. Yellowknifer regrets the errors and any confusion they may have caused.

LETTER: Paper’s space misused

June 20, 2018

From: Marie Adams,


To the editor:

Re: James O’Connor’s ‘commentary’ about being on the ‘cool’ side in terms of his personal right wing political views (“Speaking truth to power in 2018,” June 13). Read More

COLUMN: Feds should rethink pipeline purchase

June 20, 2018

The following letter was sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on June 7 from Ecology North and copied to premier Bob McLeod amd NWT MP Michael McLeod. It has been edited for length.

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau;

Ecology North has been around since 1971 and is actively engaged on climate issues in the North. Read More

LETTER: Traditional teachings return in the North

June 17, 2018

by Jim Martin, Fort McPherson

I was sitting in the A&W having breakfast when two friends asked me if I wanted to go to check out their new traditional camp. It sounded interesting so I agreed to go with them to see what it is all about. Read More

EDITORIAL: Legal weed requires more choices

June 15, 2018

We’re about to embark on a grand experiment in legalizing recreational pot use with the aim of freeing up courts from prosecuting minor possession charges while fighting illicit drug sales and the violent crime associated with it. Read More

LOOKING BACK: Dash 7 darted in

June 15, 2018

40 years ago

Wardair’s first Dash 7 arrived in Yellowknife. Indications were that there would be considerable work available for the new machine, which was faster and carried double the payload of the Twin Otter. Read More

Speaking truth to power in 2018

June 12, 2018

I used to be left wing. Yup, really left wing. I had a teacher in Grade 7 who gave us almost daily lessons in how great the NDP under Ed Broadbent was for Canada. With the workers’ rights, universal health care, environmental protection and the usual stuff. Read More

Birds await spring thaw

June 11, 2018


OOLOO! OOLOO! Big hello from the island of smiling wind-tanned faces of Cambridge Bay.
Read More

COLUMN: Don’t be a phubber!

June 9, 2018

Are you a phubber? What the heck is that you say? Hahaha. I just read a good article on phubbing, so I say you’re a phubber if you’re guilty of phubbing, or “phone snubbing.” Read More

EDITORIAL: Pie in the Sky U

June 9, 2018

Last year, Aurora College was on its knees. In six years time it will be a gleaming jewel of knowledge brightening the skyline of the territory’s capital. Read More

TALES FROM THE DUMP: The great traffic jam

June 7, 2018

Wednesday May 30 will surely go down in the annals of Yellowknife folk lore as the GREAT TRAFFIC JAM OF 2018. I expect in the fullness of time there will be songs, books and movies all based on the event and the chaos and confusion it caused. Read More

COLUMN: This book’s a beauty, eh?

June 7, 2018

“… John Henderson is an irreverent, inked jester poking his penned sceptre at the powerful and letting everyone know that even in the North the emperor wears no clothes. Readers of Yellowknifer, News/North and Inuvik Drum who turn to his cartoon each week will love this book … it’s a must-have!” Read More

LETTER: A thank-you for an act of kindness

June 6, 2018

by Ruth McKeown, Yellowknife

To the editor,

A very big “thank you” goes out to Carl for his kind and neighbourly help on Sat. May 26, when I locked my key in my car at the Co-op parking lot. Read More

THE MUNDANE AND THE HOLY: In the middle of break-up

June 2, 2018

It has been a very slow spring break-up in Reliance and most mornings the temperature still hovers below zero, with things warming up a bit by noon. With the light winds, cool temps and bright sun, the snow didn’t really melt, it all just evaporated into the dry air. Read More

LETTER: Blazing a new trail

May 31, 2018

by Hughena Matheson, board member
Project Bookmark Canada

Dear editor,
Canada, well-known as land of beautiful trails, also has a trail that is a one-of-a-kind cultural innovation. Unique in the world, Canada’s literary trail consists of plaques with poems or excerpts from fiction in the exact physical locations where literary scenes are set. Read More