A MOUNTAIN VIEW: Jayda’s ordeal

February 18, 2018 - NWT

Friends, I usually don’t make it a point to repeat the subject in a column from one similar in the last, but in the case of this story in News/North, excellently written by Sidney Cohen, the subject of our Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls should at lest bear the burden of a reread, if only to drive the message home.

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February 17, 2018 - Yellowknife

I had lunch with a few twenty-something youngsters recently. Since this is Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) season, one of them – ‘John’ – asked, “What’s an RRSP and what can it do for me”? That basic question surprised me. His friend, -’Rick’-, an employee in an accounting firm, piped in and exclaimed, “I bought an RRSP last year and I lost money – RRSPs are useless”!

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A loonie saved is a penny earned

February 15, 2018 - Yellowknife

A penny saved is a penny earned. I love that wise old adage and I think it is a motto that should be put on the entrance of all government buildings whether they be city, band, territorial or federal. I would add under it, “You are entrusted with the people’s money, so spend it wisely and let there be a curse upon all who waste it or give it away needlessly or unjustly.”

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Tax Break: Nasty traps for not for profit organizations

February 11, 2018 - NWT

This oversight happens all too often.

You are a director of an incorporated not-for-profit organization (NPO), such as a society, chamber of commerce organization, a condominium board or say, the Yellowknife Climbing Club. You think your NPO has no tax filing obligations because it is tax-exempt That isn’t true and you could be in for some nasty tax surprises.

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Dene games a big part of the Arctic Winter Games

February 8, 2018
James McCarthy/NNSL photo
Gillian Furniss of William McDonald School lets fly during the snowsnake event as part of the Traditional Games Championships at William McDonald Field on Feb. 25.

Dene games is something we’re used to seeing a lot of in Yellowknife. Each year, the Aboriginal Sports Circle of the NWT organizes the Traditional Games Championships, which includes a Dene games component.

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RCMP drunk policy nets real change

February 6, 2018
NNSL file photo
RCMP Insp. Matt Peggs, the Yellowknife detachment commander, speaks about police crime statistics to a city municipal services committee in late 2015. RCMP have changed the way they handle calls about intoxicated people, reducing the number of people that end up held in custody.

While calls for service overall have dropped for Yellowknife RCMP, the number of impaired drivers has risen sharply.

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Reconciliation in health and healing in the North

February 6, 2018
Arctic Inspiration Prize / Patrick Doyle photo
What Dr. Nicole Redvers, chair of the Arctic Indigenous Wellness Foundation and Elder Be’sha Blondin lacked in funding, writes columnist Shelley Wiart, they made up in passion and commitment to making operational, their urban land-based healing program, targeting at-risk First Nations, Metis and Inuit in Yellowknife. They are pictured Wednesday at the Arctic Inspiration Awards Ceremony in Ottawa.

When I met Dr. Nicole Redvers, chair of the Arctic Indigenous Wellness Foundation and Elder Be’sha Blondin at the Institute for Circumpolar Health Research in Yellowknife last November, they had no administrative help and no access to federal funding for their program, The Arctic Indigenous Wellness Project.

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Under pressure: an icy symphony

February 1, 2018
Wikimedia Commons/Angelo DeSantis photo

I remember the first time I walked out on the ice of a big lake, it was a little nerve wracking and I was acutely aware that I was walking on ice that was but a few centimeters thick and below that was a whole lot of really cold water. I also remember being out on lake ice the first time I heard the sonic boom of a pressure crack forming.

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The tale of the trails

February 1, 2018
The area zoned nature preservation adjacent to Ragged Ass Road is restricted from snowmobile use. There are several established trails which travel through this area to allow access onto Great Slave Lake, states information from the city. All snowmobilers are asked to stay on these trails so as to protect this natural area and its wildlife. This map shows the boundaries of this area. City of Yellowknife graphic

Some of our members and fellow Yellowknifer’s have been talking about the trails in the city and who has the authority to access or maintain them.

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