The good thing about living in a city with a long, cold winter is that poop freezes and doesn’t smell.

There is always hope that it won’t smell in the spring. This month’s poetry in motion, the 20-inch sewage line in Kam Lake Industrial Park, broke at about the same time the poop hit the fan at city hall on a different manner that was no less stinky.

The fresh poop in Kam Lake from the force main shot up in the air, then flowed into yards and ditches. It froze but doesn’t smell. It will be looked after later.

Some residents are beginning to wonder whether some older poop had been swept under the rug at city hall in 2014 with some of allegations involving the bylaw department and inappropriate use of cameras, because it’s starting to smell again. City administration is proud of the inclusivity and respectfulness of the city’s work culture. That seems to say everyone at the city smells the same and are very happy about it. What’s under the carpet is starting to smell, 35 below or not.

When the city first began putting up cameras five years ago Mayor Mark Heyck suggested there was no privacy issues, and people had nothing to be worried about because there would be signs telling them they are being watched. My kids and wife go there. I feel much better after finding out about Mr. Heyck’s comment.

Where is city council in all this? They are taking advice from the club that is responsible for the flying B.S. City hall has its own little “Deep State.” The long term bureaucrats that run the show and need the cash (taxes) are given cover by the elected officials who are perceived to run the show but mainly take advice from department heads.

Now the city has deactivated the cameras until a review is done to determine proper use … blah, blah, blah. Who turned the camera off? Who turned them on? Who’s doing the review? Who’s passing the popcorn?

The taxpayer needs to know the list of where each camera is, why its there and who is watching it when?

Council needs to put on their big boy pants and immediately declare whistleblower amnesty and get rid of the poop smell in city hall before spring!

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