On Sept. 7, I picked up the Edmonton Journal on my way home to Norman Wells, on page three, a 4×10 colour photograph of a huge blue barge and the caption “a 30 metre x 10 metre barge will leave Edmonton Thursday for the NWT.

Constructed by Waiward Steel LP, it will transport goods along the Mackenzie river.” They also explain that the “barge” is the first of its kind built by the Edmonton steel fabrication company. The barge should be in Hay River by now. What the heck is going on?

We had better ask the minister of Transportation some questions. Is this monstrosity of a barge going to be part of the NTCL, which the GNWT bought from the Inuvialuit? And, why do we need that huge barge when we are concentrating on the extension of the Mackenzie highway? We better start asking some questions, Sahtu Region!

Plus, the people in the Sahtu had better speak up and work closer with our MLA Danny McNeely. He said he doesn’t get feedback from the leaders. So, all you “leaders” and young people and elders and parents — talk to Danny about issues on anything you are concerned about or if you need help. He is there to help you and he needs your help also. He is trying to do his best for the Sahtu region. The GNWT has all kinds of money and programs to help people. He can answer all your questions. Talk to him.

By the way, the GNWT must get a pat on the back for putting on public meetings in a few communities to bring you people up to date on the new minerals act. They were in Norman Wells on Sept. 5 and I missed the meeting as I was in Edmonton for my eye examination. The meeting was a chance to have our input in the new minerals act. We must encourage development and building a prosperous territory. We have played dead for too long under the Government of the Northwest Territories!

Come on all you Indigenous people who are always crying, “My land, my land.” Well, do something about your land. Looks like the end of the world is coming, so wake up!

You know, people who live in Yellowknife and region, with all the necessities for a good living in the city, have no clue of what it is like to live in our Sahtu region. If we wanted to go to Yellowknife to shop or whatever, the cost is $1,600 for a return ticket. It is only one flight there and back. Can you imagine the cost to the people? It isn’t too bad if you work for the government, your airfare will be paid for.

By the way, I wonder how much money the government paid for the huge barge heading to Hay River. I couldn’t get in contact with NTCL to find out if they bought the barge. The people from the Sahtu must get involved. If the GNWT bought the barge, we should sue them. Any spare dollars should be spent on the Mackenzie Highway from Norman Wells to Inuvik.

I think it is time for a Women’s Assembly including all ages, youth to elders from the Sahtu and the Delta and the Beaufort region, all from the “have-not” regions. It is time.

And we WILL depend on the GNWT to pay our travel to Yellowknife as that is where we should hold the meeting – where the power and the money is located. So, what do you think, all you women of the of the “have-not” regions? It is TIME to take on the realities of desperation. Think of your children and teenagers and the young adults who need a lot of training for future jobs and basic education where every child can read and do math and food for healthy minds and bodies. We have wasted too much by doing nothing since 1960. We, the regular people are to be blamed as well for our stagnant existence, it is never too late! So, let’s get up and go fight for our grassroots in the Sahtu and Delta regions. OK?

Think I had better close before I get carried away. But you must realize our situation. And you know me, I don’t think I can stop fighting. Bye now.