Facebook users fuming … over what?

by James O'Connor - April 6, 2018

Maybe I just don’t get it. What is all the uproar all about over a data-mining firm accessing information from Facebook users’ accounts to inform ad buys and other propaganda for political campaigns? The revelation that a British firm with Canadian connections softly conned Facebookians to reveal their likes/dislikes and friend lists of 50 million…

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One response to “Facebook users fuming … over what?”

  1. “Cambridge Analytica obtained their data fraudulently, laundered through a researcher who paid people to install an app,” Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager, wrote on Twitter.

    By contrast, Obama campaign officials say they did not collect information without users’ consent or in violation of the rules Facebook had in place at the time.

    “The ’12 campaign told voters what they were sharing and for what purpose,” Messina wrote.”