Every once in a while it’s good to step back and think of the great things that exist in Hay River.

Sometimes the good things are just taken for granted, but they really shouldn’t be.

So this seems like an appropriate time to reflect on just one of those great things about Hay River. That is the impressive recreational activities this community has to offer.

And much of that can be credited to the Town of Hay River’s department of parks and recreation.

Over the last year, The Hub has sometimes been stumped in looking for a sports story, since so many sports events did not take place because of concerns about Covid-19.

However, that no-sports-story dilemma has often been solved by a quick call to Stephane Millette, the town’s director of recreation.


There is almost always something new happening in recreation.

Just recently, new sports camps have been added to the upcoming Summer Heat program from the town. A few weeks before that, the town started an expanded Multi-Sport Drop-In at the Hay River Community Centre. There’s more to mention, but you should get the point.

Millette has been the source of many of the sports stories in this paper, which is an impressive and appreciated feat.

Again this week, The Hub has relied on Millette for a story about the flood damage and the ensuing repairs to the Porritt Landing recreational area.

The fact that there are so many things happening in recreation is both a testament to the town’s dedication to sports and the creative thinking of Millette and the other employees in the town’s recreation department.

It almost goes without saying that recreation and sports become even more important in a small Northern town, which is relatively isolated when compared to most places in Canada. Residents of Hay River can’t take a short drive to a nearby city for sports and recreation. It’s got to happen here.

So it is good to know that the town has dedicated so much to sports.

Aside from the efforts of town employees, you can also see that dedication in facilities such as the Hay River Community Centre with its still new arena and curling rink, not to mention the swimming pool.

Of course, that is not to forget the efforts of sports organizations like the Hay River Golf Club, the Hay River Curling Club and many others. They all play an important role in providing sports opportunities to the community.

However, the leadership in sports has to come from the Town of Hay River, and that is obviously happening.

If you are one of the few people who watch town council meetings on YouTube, you know what the town’s recreation department is doing. Millette often gives lengthy updates to council on the sports activities, plans and funding being sought.

The director of recreation appears to be a very busy person and his dedication to sports is obvious, and the results of his efforts are there for everyone to see.

Basically, Hay River can rightfully claim the title of a sports town.

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